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Q: Do I have to constantly update Coin Plow to get the new Exchange Listings?

A: No Sir or Maddam! Google Chrome opens and pings Coin Plow's database instantly, which keeps your Exchange Lists current automatically!  No need to constantly wonder if your extension is up to date - no annoyances whatsoever!

Q: Is Coin Plow worth it?

A: Coin Plow is a ranking machine, out of the box!  Usage is so straight-forward, you'll master it in a minute or less!  The potency is in the programming.  You can just focus on making great trades!  Coin Plow will work on any standard website.  You can simply browse with the extension turned on - or use a targeted website like Coin Market Cap.

Q: Will there ever be a Firefox / Edge / Opera version?

A: Soon - but we noticed that Chrome worked quite well with our search and update tech.  We love Firefox (the open source browser) but the speed with some extensions on that platform has been wanting.

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: Coin Plow scans through thousands of lines of coding to isolates listings found at the exchanges you select.  We can hit a very high accuracy search rate based on our tailored keyword database.  We rank crypto by the most unique word in their names - crypto with duplicate names sometimes have name parts highlighed, but it's easily ignored!

Coin Plow offers a new way to look at cryptocurrency, and has very straight-forward use.  Check out the video on our main page to see how it works!  Everyone that uses Coin Plow loves it, and considers it a priceless tool.  We are very active in crypto, and fans of crypto as well.  We wish you the best in every trade!



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