Terms & Conditions of Use / Privacy Policy


This extension cannot be copied or redistributed, illegally, against the selling terms presented by us.  This includes modifications made and sold by other parties, as individual entities or in false representation of us.

Use of this extension must coincide within all legal means.  Any activity created by the user is the responsibility of the user, and no liabilities of any such activity are the liabilities of us or our developers, including loss or damages in criminal or civil ways.

We hold no liability for function of use by third party software or providers, example: Google Chrome. 

You agree to maintain these outlined terms and understand these terms before use of this digital product.

Coin Plow Extension – Privacy Policy

We appreciate the privacy of all users of Coin Plow and comply with the User Data Privacy terms for the Google Chrome Store.  This policy is shared openly and, this extension in use, creates consent for Chrome, Firefox, and other internet web browsers, operating systems, or software that you may have this extension installed upon.

Childrens Privacy Protection Act - COPPA

This is a financial tool not specifically intended for children users. We do not intend or solicit users of that age group.  Consent to these terms means you are over the age of 18.

Coin Plow interacts with the internet
When you utilize Coin Plow by activating the extension, various websites you visit must be acknowledged by the Coin Plow search algorithms.  These websites include those visited through links in the Coin Plow interface and actively in use.  As you may understand already, web activity is frequently maintained in browsers by code packets called cookies or cache, and using this extension means you understand the nature of cookies, cache, and browser interaction with URLs, and added functionality pertaining to those URL, including the fact that Coin Plow does have awareness of those URL.  Whether by the user, or by the browser or operating system itself, we are not to be held liable or subject to litigation for this specified browser or computer use and function, or technical issues within those systems.

Coin Plow does not store your sensitive form data.
This extension does not store your sensitive form data – aside from the portfolio form data within the interface of Coin Plow itself, which stores that data for your functionality usage.  That data ascertained to maintain the better function of this extension is, of course, anonymous and not collected as an identifiable packet of identity to be sold to others. (California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance)

Any Changes to these Terms & Conditions of use and Privacy Policy
Any changes will be maintained here, in this document of consent for use.